A troubadour is gone

Joan-Pau Verdier was born in Périgueux in 1947.

He studied at the Faculty of Letters in Bordeaux. A militant occitanist and libertarian, he was one of the founders of the Fédération Anarchiste Communiste d'Occitanie (FACO) in 1969.

From Ferré to Brassens

He is a great admirer of Léo Ferré: in 1975, he translated his song "Ni Dieu ni Maître" into Occitan, which then became "Ni Diu ni Mestre"
After Léo Ferré, it was Georges Brassens' turn in an album entitled Verdier, Bonnefon, Salinié chantent Brassens, followed by a second volume two years later.

Occitan singer

An emblematic figure in the revival of Occitan song in the 70s, Joan-Pau Verdier signed with a Parisian record company (a move that was criticized by some in the Occitan milieu).
Still very active in the Occitan music world, he also hosts a radio program in Occitan on France Bleu Périgord, as well as various columns devoted to the Occitan language.

Libertarian musician

Despite his claim to Occitan culture, he has always opposed the "occitanists" and folklorists. His music covers a wide spectrum: rock, blues, jazz-rock, tango, folk. Whether in French or Occitan, he has given his songs every musical tone.

He died in 2020 and is buried in Chancelade in his native Dordogne.

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