Pauline, Mireille: a walk through time and the values of a Provencal village

Even a simple pair of shoes tells a story. Today, let's discover the mystery of Pauline's 'Converse', a story rooted in the village of Rigaud, between Provencal traditions and timeless values. Get ready for a journey through time, where Pauline's footsteps still echo with authentic memories of a life dedicated to her village.

News from 'Mémé Converse'. Thanks to you, especially @Jean-luc Laugier and @Alunno Jean Louis, we were able to discover the identity of this person. Her first name is Pauline. We even had the opportunity to chat with her daughter. Pauline lived in the village of Rigaud (Alpes Maritimes) and looked after the church. This oratory at the bottom of the village was also a place she frequented.

But why sports shoes? It's 1995. Pauline walks a lot. Her family naturally gave her comfortable shoes to walk around the village in.

Mireille Minazzo to open the church in Roquebrune sur Argens in December 2022 - photo François Abbe

Pauline reminds us of Mireille from Roquebrune-sur-Argens (Var). They both seem to have a lot in common: you come across them in the village, and they both look after the church. Mireille passes the Maison Abbe at least twice a day, once to open the church in the morning, once to close it in the evening. And it's uphill to get to the church (the highest point in the village).

Both passed away in their 90s. What remains are magnificent memories and beautiful universal values...

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