[EN] Are you passionate about Provence?

Since 2015, the Passadoc non-profit organization has been sharing stories on Provence. The weekly Gazette is published in French and sometimes in Provençal (Provence own language). But where really are the Provence lovers outside of France? The non profit organization Abbe Photo is thrilled to start telling stories about Provence in English…


Since 2015, the non-profit Passadoc has been posting in French and Provencal. Photo: Group Miquela and the Chapacans mix French and Provençal, in the 80's, in Sainte Beaume mount (Var) - Photo André Abbe

From Passadoc to Abbe Photo: what happened in 9 years?

In 2014, Passadoc was launched to bring out unique photo archives of Provence. Many authors still contribute today (see weekly Gazette).

In 2021, another non-profit organization was created: Abbe Photo brings back Provence-born André Abbe’s archives to life through books, exhibitions and social media. The new charity has many projects and needs funding. How do we proceed?

The URGENT need to save André Abbe's photo heritage

André Abbe was active in five disciplines: photo, radio, TV, papers and conferences like here in the 80s

André Abbe’s archive is a collection of 100,000 photos taken between 1970 and 2000. Many of these photos really make a difference with André’s narrations and memories about Provence. Sometimes there is even a historical context.

André will turn 80 years old in 2024. There is an urgent need to digitize and document these photographs. Non-profit Passadoc and Abbe Photo are fun ways to achieve this long term work.

2030 Challenge: Finding a sponsor for Abbe Photo

First as a photographer, André Abbe started his career selling photos to UNESCO in the 1970s. Above: the same castle in 1973 and 2018 - Photo André Abbe

During Europe Heritage Days 2021 and 2022, two photo exhibitions took place in the Abbe house in Roquebrune sur Argens (Var). Who funded the project? The sale of books financed part of it. But the biggest part was supported by André and François Abbe, as well as Patricia Gourier.

What’s next? The goal for 2030 is to find a corporate sponsor. And until then? To make the André Abbe photo collection better known.

Where to find a potential sponsor?

In France, André Abbe is one of the authors of Passadoc. Passadoc is available in French and sometimes in Provençal on Facebook. In 2021, the Passadoc Gazette started offering a selection of the articles every Saturday on the Abbe Photo website. So, Passadoc already has good visibility for French speakers.

For readers abroad, it’s different.

Are English speakers more passionate about Provence than the people of Provence themselves?

Nans Bellini (left) is now a shepherd and mayor of his village in the Var region of Provence - Photo: André Abbe

For 8 years, Passadoc has been publishing in French and sometimes in Provençal (Provence own language).

What to do for foreigner? English seems to be the obvious way to make André Abbe’s photos known abroad.

Getting three languages to coexist: Provençal, French and English

The bet is on. Passadoc continues to publish multiple authors on its Facebook page and in the Gazette.

Abbe Photo is starting to publish in English on the Abbe Photo Instagram and Facebook pages. You can find texts and photos of André Abbe as well as guest authors.

François Abbe

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