[EN] Var: Flashback from our wineyard with ancient Carignan grapes in Provence

When I was a kid, we had Carignan-variety of grapes. These vines were 80-year old.
When I turned 18, I declined my Dad’s offer to take over the wineyard. We then pulled out vines from hectares of fields in Roquebrune sur Argens (Provence).

In 2020, my Dad André Abbe tasted a random bottle of wine I found in Montpellier. He was pleasantly surprised: this wine had only one grape variety, Carignan! It took him back to the 40s until the 80s when we were harvesting our Carignan grapes (see picture). I love this picture: I was 11 and my grand-Dad was 79. Yes, François Abbe was still harvesting when he was 79. I was named after him.

In 2021, there are still vines with Carignan variety. But no one makes a wine with only this variety. Maybe one day?

The two François Abbe at the Planet in 1985.
The truck loaded with carignans is ready to leave for the cooperative. The wine produced from this unique grape variety was appreciated. Photo: André Abbe

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