Photo exhibition Les travaux et les jours - l'art de vivre de Provence - André Abbe

"Les travaux et les jours" is an extraordinary exhibition. André Abbe invites you to immerse yourself in authentic Provence from the 1970s to the 2000s. Witness the timeless beauty, traditions and art of living of Provence through Abbe's camera.

Enter the art of Provençal living immortalized by André Abbe, a local boy turned photographer and journalist (France TV, Radio France). 

André has a passion for telling the story of daily life in Provence.

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André Abbe was born in the Maison Abbe on the day of the Liberation of Roquebrune sur Argens, August 17, 1944. André is a French journalist and photographer. His work is in French and Occitan (Provençal). Self-taught and passionate about the Langue d'Oc and the culture of Provence, he has worked for France Télévisions, Radio France, the press (Agri 7, Clair Foyer, L'Agriculteur Provençal...) and for conferences given in Provençal or French. Now retired, he continues to publish texts and photos for the Passadoc association, with the help of his son François. 

In this exhibition, we delve into the exceptional archives of André Abbe, a dedicated observer of the intimate moments of life in Provence. Abbe's photographs transport us to the heart of Provence, revealing his region's unique blend of tradition, culture and natural splendor. With a journalist's eye for storytelling and a deep understanding of his subjects (André's first job was in the family vineyard), Abbe invites us to discover Provence's hidden beauty in the ordinary.

"Les travaux et les jours" offers a captivating visual narrative, presenting a rich tapestry of daily life in Provence. Through Abbe's lens, discover sun-drenched vineyards, bustling markets filled with colorful produce and the rustic charm of Provence's traditional villages. Discover the joy and toil of local artisans, lively festivals filled with music and dance, and the enduring traditions that have shaped the fabric of Provençal life.

André Abbe, with his acute sensitivity and unobtrusive approach, effortlessly captures the fleeting moments that define the spirit of Provence. His photographs invite us to pause, reflect and savor the beauty of simple pleasures - a shared meal, a conversation between friends or the radiant smile of a villager. Through Abbe's camera, the soul of Provence is revealed, transcending time and connecting us to the heart of his beloved Provence.

The Maison Abbe, a 16th-century house nestled in the heart of Provence, is the ideal setting for this exhibition. Its rich history and architectural charm enhance the immersive experience, allowing visitors to enter the world Abbe so passionately captured. As the exhibition unfolds, the ambiance of the Maison Abbe transports you to the sights, sounds and scents of Provence.



Tour in 3 parts:

  • L'art de vivre au village: a tour of the village streets - approx. 45 minutes
  • L'art de vivre en cuisine: tasting of local products and refreshments - approx. 30 minutes
  • L'art de vivre en photo: visit the exhibition at Maison Abbe - approx. 45 minutes

Total duration: about 2 hours


Visits must be pre-registered.
Open to all, especially enthusiasts of the Provencal art of living.
Not suitable for disabled visitors.

The association reserves the right to refuse entry to this private event.

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Meet at Maison Abbe

Abbe House

Placette Mayol
2 rue de l'église
83520 Roquebrune sur Argens

Their comments on the previous Abbe Photo exhibition

Thank you for the visit, and for this beautiful book that is a pleasure to look at and read.

Catherine P.

It was a wonderful discovery! Even for the inhabitants of Roquebrun, this visit was an opportunity to discover the heritage of our beautiful village, with stories, anecdotes and lovely period photos. A very well organized and instructive tour! I really enjoyed it! Thank you so much!


A wonderful initiative to be repeated..... The history of Roquebrune, the memories of each. Each one. Shared individually and collectively.... A rich resource... Memory... In the setting of a Provencal house. "Yours"... Mixed with culture and knowledge.... A shared history, a love of this village and the souls of those who have passed on... An immense emotion for me...

Sabine A.

Details of visits to the "Femmes de Provence" exhibition

The Abbe House is exceptionally open to the public. Tours are guided, by pre-registration only. Entrance to the l'oubradou gallery remains free. 

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This is a private event. The Abbe Photo association reserves the right to refuse access for legitimate reasons, without having to justify itself. Visits are not possible for the disabled (narrow staircases).

Follow the link in the reservation e-mail.

How to visit the "Femmes de Provence" exhibition?

Meet at the Maison Abbe, where the exhibition takes place: 2, Rue de l'église - 83520 Roquebrune sur Argens. 

The house is opposite the town hall, at the top of the Grande Rue, in the heart of the old village of Roquebrune sur Argens. 

You can park your car in the Castrum parking lot or in the Boulevard Jean Jaurès parking lot, then allow 10 minutes to walk. 


Exceptionally, you can drop off people with reduced mobility in front of the entrance. To access the heart of the village, please contact us in advance by e-mail (francois @ - remove spaces in the address) and we'll make the necessary arrangements.

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