[EN] Volunteer work in Provence

Wanted: 2 heritage-passionate volunteers to work and live the Provence lifestyle in the heart of a millennial village, 15 minutes from the sea, minutes from the forest, mountain, and lake. Learn about Provence heritage, traditions, lifestyle…

Your missions: guiding tours in English of the “Provence Lifestyle Heritage Photography Exhibition” and the village of Roquebrune-sur-Argens, helping with the website and social media of our charity, Abbe Photo.

About non-profit making society Abbe Photo and the project

We are a Provence family from the village of Roquebrune-sur-Argens (Var). André Abbe, journalist and photographer, now retired, was born in the family house you’ll stay in, in Roquebrune-sur-Argens. Thanks to 50 years of career, André had the opportunity to travel internationally and capture moments of life in France, Europe, Asia, South America, and Oceania.

You’ll meet André, François (his son who’s running the charity), and many local people (the neighbors are particularly nice).

Our project: showing André Abbe's unique heritage archives

From 1970 to 2000, André has taken more than 100,000 photos of his travels, Provence, and more particularly, his hometown, Roquebrune, and its surroundings. These pictures are the result of a passion and a photographic heritage that he wishes to revive through a nonprofit organization: Abbe Photo.

Our charity, Abbe Photo, has one main goal: to bring rare and unknown archives back to life for the general public. And this is your mission!

In 2023, we are offering a third exhibition with 60 heritage photos from André Abbe. These photos are exhibited on two floors of our historic Maison Abbe in Roquebrune, which has been in the family for four generations. This 16th-century house has four floors. The top floor is your room with two beds and two large windows. No exhibition, no pictures—it is your private space!

On the ground floor, there is the art gallery “Oubradou de la fouant” (workshop of the fountain), where images and paintings of Provence are exhibited. These paintings are signed by Patricia Gourier, an artist-painter who has chosen our workshop as her artistic residence.

Details about your volunteer help

This is a mission for 2 people (couple or friends): guiding tours of the “Provence Lifestyle Heritage Photography Exhibition” and the village of Roquebrune-sur-Argens. We will communicate in English. Guided tours are in English (and your own language if you wish!). But we can organize tours in other languages too if you are up for it!

This means 20 hours a week are needed from each of you, usually 5 hours a day over 4 days, with 3 days off to visit Provence, Côte d’Azur (French Riviera), and the Southern Alps!

You will help run Abbe Photo’s communication in English: social media, website, contact with partners, etc. This can be done from your cellphone or tablet from anywhere!

Type of accomodation

You will stay in our family home in the historical pedestrian center of the Provence village of Roquebrune-sur-Argens. This 16th-century house has four floors. The top floor is your room with two beds (140cm and 120cm wide).

You will have your own room and food.

If you are a couple, there is a double bed. If you are 2 friends, you will have your own bed.

The house has a reliable fast ADSL internet connection (WiFi and Ethernet).

There are 2 proper desks with office chairs in separate rooms.

Useful information

Availability from June 2023 until early November (before it gets cold). Your stay: 2 weeks minimum, with a preference for one or more months.

Looking for 2 people (friends or a couple).

150 euros per week for the two of you for your food allowance. You cook for yourself as you have your own accommodation (the owner, François, lives hours away with his family and stays on some occasions in his own bedroom; he will take care of buying the food in this case).

Located 10kms from the sea, Roquebrune is situated between Cannes, Nice, Aix en Provence, and Marseille. There is a 7-day-a-week bus service running to the nearest city: Saint Raphaël – Fréjus.

The nearest train stations are Saint Raphaël Valescure (direct bus) and Les Arcs Draguignan.

The nearest airport is Nice (bus from Saint Raphaël station).

Contact details

Questions ? Interested? Please contact François Abbe
Simply use the form or Messenger: m.me/francois.abbe.9

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