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Experience Provence Heritage

Enjoy stories from Provence and from our family Abbe. Discover the lifestyle of Provence during years 1970 to 2000 through 60 pictures from André Abbe, a kid from Provence who became a photographer and journalist (France TV, Radio France). André has the passion for documenting the essence of Provence daily life. 

Maison Abbe, since 1914

Visit a 16th century family home, in the heart of a well preserved Provence village: Roquebrune sur Argens (Var).

Last chance to visit 16 & 17 September 2023


  • Guided tour of the exhibition in Maison Abbe – approx. 30 minutes


3 parts (approx. 2 hours):

  • Guided tour of the exhibition in Maison Abbe – approx. 45 minutes
  • Refreshment
  • Guided tour of the village of Roquebrune sur Argens – approx. 45 minutes


Price : free

Registration required.
Open to all, and particularly to enthusiasts of the Provencal art of living.
Not suitable for people with special needs or small children.

The organization reserves the right to deny entry to this private event.

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Who is journalist & photographer André Abbe

André Abbe was born in Maison Abbe on August 17, 1944, the day Roquebrune sur Argens was liberated. André Abbe is a French journalist and photographer. His work is in French and in Occitan. Self-taught, passionate about the Occitan language and Provence culture, he has worked for France Télévisions, Radio France, the written press (Agri 7, Clair Foyer, L’Agriculteur Provençal…), and in conferences given in Provençal or in French. Now retired, he continues to publish texts and photos for the Charity Passadoc, with the help of his son François.

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What they visitors say about the Provence Heritage Experience in Maison Abbe

John and I will have many happy memories of Roquebrune for years to come. We loved the house too. It was really close to the village. The house is so old and very authentically Provencal. We have very few old buildings in Australia that could compare with the old buildings of Provence for character and charm. If any building in Australia is 150 years old, to us it is ancient! I miss the charm of the village of Roquebrune. It is a really lovely, lively village and has some amazing shops.

Jill & John
(Perth, Australia)

A nice exhibition in a superb village. Very nice exhibition showing life in the village and the surroundings. Thank you for the visit, the explanations and the anecodotes.

Anaïs (France)

A wonderful initiative worth repeating..... The history of Roquebrune, the memories of every person. Each one. Shared individually and collectively.... A rich resource... Memory... In the heart of a Provencal house. " YOUR HOME "... Mixed with culture and knowledge.... A shared history, a love of this village and the souls of those who have passed on... An intense emotion for me...

Sabine A. (France)

Intimate moments shared by a Provence family

In this exhibition, we delve into the evocative imagery of André Abbe, a dedicated observer of Provence life’s intimate moments. Abbe’s photographs transport us to the heart of Provence, revealing his region’s unique blend of tradition, culture, and natural splendor. With an journalist’s eye for storytelling and a deep understanding of his subjects (André’s first job was on the family vineyard), Abbe invites us to discover the beauty hidden of Provence within the ordinary.

“Works and Days” offers a compelling visual narrative, presenting a rich tapestry of everyday life in Provence. Through Abbe’s lens, witness the sun-drenched vineyards, the bustling markets filled with colorful produce, and the rustic charm of the Provence traditional villages. Experience the joy and toil of the local artisans, the lively festivals filled with music and dance, and the enduring traditions that have shaped the fabric of Provencal life.

André Abbe, with his keen sensitivity and unobtrusive approach, effortlessly captures the fleeting moments that define the spirit of Provence. His photographs invite us to pause, reflect, and savor the beauty of simple pleasures—a shared meal, a conversation among friends, or the radiant smile of a local villager. Through Abbe’s camera, the soul of Provence is revealed, transcending time and connecting us to the heart of his cherished Provence.

Maison Abbe, a 16th-century house nestled in the heart of Provence, provides the perfect backdrop for this exhibition. Its rich history and architectural charm enhance the immersive experience, allowing visitors to step into the world that Abbe so passionately captured. As you explore the exhibition, Maison Abbe’s ambiance further transports you to the sights, sounds, and scents of Provence.

Grand father and grand son during the grape harvest in the early 80s

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How to find Maison Abbe

Maison Abbe

Placette Mayol
2 rue de l’église
83520 Roquebrune sur Argens

Event details

Maison Abbe is exceptionally open to the public. Visits are guided, by pre-registration only. Entrance to the l’oubradou gallery remains free.

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This is a private event. The Abbe Photo association reserves the right to refuse access for legitimate reasons, without having to justify itself. Visits are not possible for disabled people or young children (the house has narrow staircases).

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How can I visit the house and exhibition at Maison Abbe?

Go to the Maison Abbe where the exhibition takes place: 2, Rue de l’église – 83520 Roquebrune sur Argens.

The house is opposite the town hall, at the top of the Grande Rue, in the heart of the old village of Roquebrune sur Argens.

You can park your car in the Castrum parking or in the Boulevard Jean Jaurès parking, from there you will have to walk for about 10 minutes.

Exceptionally, you can drop off people with reduced mobility in front of the entrance. For access to the heart of the village, please contact us in advance by e-mail (francois@abbe.photo) and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

Details can be found on the registration site. Remember: pre-registration for guided tours is essential.

Cancel your tickets by following the link provided in the confirmation e-mail. If you need to, let us know by e-mail: francois@abbe.photo